As we turn back the time, this municipality was previously part of the Municipality of Labason, Zamboanga del Norte. it was name Kalawit, the name of the barrio were the seat of the Municipal Government is located.

Long before it become and independent Local Government Unit, the place was so remote that you can only hear “Mga kalaw nga nag nanag-awit”(hornbills singing) the word kalawit was derived from the saying “kalaw-awit”, or hornbills thrives abundantly in this place before where there were still a vast forest land. The songs of the hornbills are time pieces of the folks since when they sing, they tell what time is it.

The situation of remoteness of the place become worse when it become the haven of lawless elements during the Muslim-Christian conflict in the 1970’s. The barrio folks had deserted this place and had fled to other municipalities for safety. It was only when the peace and order situation had stabilized that the people came back, and again started a new life and new beginning.

The Barangay that comprises this municipality was far from the center of the municipal government of Labason that the delivery of government service that reach this place was very minimal and there are even times that nothing is received the lacks “government touch”.

It was because of this situation that Representative Angel M. Carloto of the 3rd District of Zamboanga del Norte filed House Bill No. 5216 enrich later become also known as Republic Act No. 6851 “AN ACT CREATING THE MUNICIPALITY OF KALAWIT IN THE PROVINCE OF ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE”, That will bring solution to problems of this place and in the end it brining the government closer to the people.

The first municipal officials took their oath of the office in Manila sometime on june, 1990 with the Speaker of the Representative Ramon Mitra, Jr. And the DILG Secretary Luis T. Santos administering the oath.